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These motors are appropriate for 4" or larger deep well pumping system


Application Fields

◎ Dimension of connection conformity with 4 " NEMA(GM1-18.388)

◎ Rotation: CCW

◎ Degree of protection: IP68◎ Insulation grade: Class F

◎ Min. cooling flow: 0.15m/s

◎ Max. Fluid temperature: 86 F(30℃)

◎ Max. number per hour of starts: 20

◎ Installation: vertical or horizontal

◎ Protection requirement: EN61947-4-1


◎ Kingsbury-type thrust bearing

◎ 17-4SS spline shaft

◎ All stainless steel canned motor

◎ Water lubricated bearings

◎ Auto water replenishing filter check valve

◎ Class H epoxy resin sealed motor

◎ Pressure-equalizing diaphragm

◎ Protection against sand and grit intrusion

◎ single-phase motor with control box

◎ Automatic thermal protection on single-phase motors

Model Instruction