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Performance Range

Max. Flow: 10m3/h 
Max. Head: 12m

Application Limits

◎ Liquid temperature: +2℃~+110℃ 
◎ Maximum ambient temperature +40℃ 
◎ Maximum system pressure 10bar 
◎ Protection level: IP44

◎ Mains connection: 220V/60Hz、127V/60Hz

◎ Insulation class: H

◎ Pumped liquid characteristics: clean, free from solids

and mineral oils, non-toxic, chemically neutral, close to the

characteristics of water 

◎ Installation: the motor shaft must be kept in horizontal


◎ PH: 6.5 to 8.5  


Application Fields

XPS pumps are designed for circulation of liquids in heating and air-conditioning systems. Pumps with bronze or stainless steel housings are also suitable for use in hot-water service systems. Examples of typical applications are mix water underfloor heating system, air energy hot water circulation system, solar hot water circulation system, etc.


◎3-speed adjustment 

◎Low noise 

◎No leakage 

Optional Available On Request

(* Standard configuration on Page 38) 

◎ Products can be customized according to customer's

voltage and frequency 

◎ Brass pump body, enamel pump body, stainless steel pump


Model Instruction