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Performance Range


maximum flow: 20L/min, maximum head: 12m


maximum flow: 22L/min, maximum head: 16m

Application Limits

Applied to tap water booster, water heater booster, shower booster and booster between water towers, etc.

Application Fields

◎ Transmission medium: Clear water and other liquids with properties similar to water

◎ Medium temperature range: 49C-70°C;ambienttemperature:0°C-40°C;

◎ IP grade: IPX4;

◎ Maximum system pressure: 1.0MPa

◎ Medium pH: 6.5-8.5; the volume ratio of solid particles contained in transmission medium shall not exceed 0.1%, and the particle size shall not be greater than 0.2mm.

◎ Power supply voltage/frequency:100-240V/50Hz-60Hz; DC24V/36V.

◎ Installation mode: Horizontally installed along motor shaft.


◎ Power-on start: Forcedly start the water pump for 20S after connecting the power cord and switching on the power.

◎ Automatic boosting: As the water flow signal reaches the start threshold (1.5L/min), the motor runs; before the water flow signal reaches the shutdown threshold (0.5L/min), the motor continues to run for pipeline boosting.

◎ Auto off: After water flow signal reaches the shutdown threshold (0.5L/min), the motor stops running.

Model Instruction