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Application Limits

◎ Maximum liquid temperature +40℃

◎ pH level from 6.5-8.5

◎ Maximum sand content is 0.1%.Passage ofsuspended solids up to 0.2mm

◎ Power frequency is 50Hz.Nominal voltage is 220VAC for single phase and 380VAC for three phase with the range from -10% to 10%.

◎ Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m

Advantages & Features

◎ New-designed motor structure ,longer service life.

◎ Portable and durable aluminum alloy structure.

◎ Alloy impeller of high performance engineering plastics or aluminum.

Performance Data


Performance Range

Max. Flow: 60m³/h 
Max. Head: 33m

Application Limits

◎ Maximum liquid temperature +40℃ 

◎ pH level from 6.5-8.5 

◎ Maximum sand content is 0.1%.Passage of suspended    

solids up to 0.2mm 

◎ Power frequency is 60Hz.Nominal voltage is 220V/440V for   

 three phase with the range from -10% to +10%. 

◎ Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m


Application Fields

With small size and light weight, the Q(D)X-L series pump is especially suitable for the rural wells water pumping, farmland irrigation and drainage, garden watering, water spraying and family households, as well as other applications such as industrial , construction, aquaculture, fish ponds, etc. 


◎ New-designed motor structure ,longer service life. 

◎ Portable and durable aluminum alloy structure. 

◎ Alloy impeller of high performance engineering    

plastics or aluminum.

Optional Available On Request

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