Return list

Performance Range

Max. Flow: 125m³/h

Max. Head: 53m

Application Limits

◎ Maximum liquid temperature +40℃

◎ pH level from 4-10

◎ Maximum liquid density 1.2×10³kg/m³

◎ Power frequency is 60Hz.Voltage fluctuation range±10%

◎ Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m


Application Fields

This series pump is extensive used industry, agriculture, mine,building operations, environmental protection and municipal service. The fluid contained chopped fiber, paper scraps, sands,etc. solid granules or softness solid state fluid, such as turbid water,waste water, sewage, fecaluria, etc. especially suitable for farm irrigation, desilting and building operations, but explosion-proof demand use is inapplicable.


◎ Fully iron casting, wear well;

◎ Compact design, Simply install and use

◎ Double-end mechanical sea, high reliability

◎ Insulation grade: B, Enclosure class: IPX8

Model Instruction