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Application Limits

◎ The operating temperature is 0~+40℃,and the temperature of pumped medium should not exceed+40℃;

◎ The pH value (i.e. acidity or alkalinity) of pumped medium is 4~10;

◎ The density of medium is 1.2×10°kg/m³ at maximum;

◎ The rated frequency of AC power supply is 50Hz, the rated voltage is three-phase 380V, and the flucuation range of voltage is ±10% of the rated value;

◎ The immersion depth should be between 0.5m and 5m.

Advantages & Features

◎ Corrosion-resistant alloy cutter, avoiding jamming caused by rusting even after stopping for a long time during use;

◎ Screw impeller, which is wear-resistant,anti-dogging,and anti-winding;

◎ Anew-type cable sealing structure is adopted to achieve good sealing effect avoiding burning-out caused by leakage;

◎ Two single mechanical seals are adopted to achieve good sealing effect, and it is more reliable and durable than framework oil seal;

Performance Data


Performance Range

◎ Max. Flow: 120m³/h

◎ Max. Head: 40m

Application Limits

◎ Maximum liquid temperature+40CpH level from 4-10

◎ Maximum liquid density 1.2×10²kg/m³

◎ Power frequency is 50Hz.Norminal voltage is 380VAC

◎ for three phase with the range from -10% to+10%

◎ Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m.


Application Fields

WQ-QG disc cutting sewage sewage submersible pump, implementing Q/SA151 standard. The electric pump is mainly composed of three parts: electricmotor, water pump and seal. The motor is located at the upper part of theelectric pump. The motor is a two-pole motor. The water pump is locatedin the lower part of the electric pump. The oil chamber uses a single-endmechanical seal, and the pump chamber uses a single-end mechanical seal.Each fixed seal is made of "O" oil-resistant rubber seal for static sealing toensure the reliability of the electric pump seal. The electric pump rotor shaft iscomposed of 45 steel and 304 stainless steel friction welding to ensure morereliable mechanical strength of the shaft, which can effectively improve thewear resistance and corrosion resistance of the shaft, and also facilitate themaintenance and disassembly of the impeller. The water inlet of the electricpump is equipped with a cutting disc, the impeller rotates at a high speed, thecutting disc is fixed on the pump body and the long fiber cloth, hair and otherdebris in the water can be chopped during operation, and the gap betweenthe spiralimpeller and the cutting discis small.

Product Usage

◎ Extract domestic sewage

◎ Excluding industrial sewage

◎ Biogas digesters

◎ Sewage treatment

◎ Aquaculture sewage

Model Instruction