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Application Limits

◎ The pumped medium is dean water and other liquids with similar property to water;

◎ The temperature of medium ranges from 0℃~+60℃(Hot water type option+68℃~+120℃);

◎ The pH value of medium is 6.5~8.5;

◎ The volume ratio of solid impurities is no more than 0.1%,and the partide size is no greater than 0.2mm;

◎ The voltage fluctuation range is±10% of the rated value.

Advantages & Features

◎ Permanent magnet motor

◎ Variable frequency and constant pressure

◎ Simple style

◎ Large touch screen

Performance Data


Performance Range

Max.Flow: 7.2m³/h

Max. Head: 50m

Application Limits

◎ The conveying medium is clean water and other liquids with similar properties to water

◎ Medium temperature range 0℃~+60℃;

◎ The pH of the medium is between 6.5 and 8.5

◎ The volume ratio of solid impurities is not more than 0.1%, and the particle size is not more than 0.2mm

◎ The voltage is single-phase AC 220V, and the voltage fluctuation range is ±10% of the rated value.


Basic Configuration

The intelligent permanent magnet variable frequency booster pump implements the Q/SG 206 standard. It is a new generation of variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment that is mainly integrated by a controller, a permanent magnet motor, an electric pump, and a pressure tank. The electric pump adopts a centrifugal impeller and guide vane structure, which has the advantages of large water fl ow, stable operation and low noise. The electric pump is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, easy to install and operate; the operating frequency is automatically adjusted according to user needs to ensure that the pressure of the user's pipe network is constant, which is a more effi cient and energy-saving operation of the system.

Application Fields

Villa water supply pressurization, community water supply pressurization, school water supply pressurization, small commercial water supply pressurization

Model Instruction