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Performance Range

Max. Flow: .54m³/h 
Max. Head: 52m

Application Limits

◎ Suction head up to 9m 

◎ Liquid temperature up to +40℃ 

◎ Ambient temperature up to +40℃ 

◎ Max. Working pressure: 4.8bar 

◎ Voltage fluctuation should not exceed 10% of rated value. 

◎ pH: 6.5 to 8.5


Application Fields

◎ Suitable for transferring water without abrasive particles or    

other liquid whose properties are similar to water. 

◎ Widely used in garden irrigation, vegetable greenhouse    

water supply, breeding industry water supply and drainage,    

various corollary equipment, etc.

Basic Configuration

◎Pump body: cast iron ◎Impellers: brass 

◎ Shaft: 45 # Steel 

◎ Mechanical sealing: ceramic / graphite / NBR rubber 

◎ Motor: two asynchronous motors, copper coils, built   

in thermal protection, all closed fan-cooled, continuous    

operation ◎ Protection: IP44 

◎ Insulation class: B

Optional Available On Request

  (* Standard configuration on Page 141) 

◎ 304 stainless steel welding shaft 

◎ Electrophoretic pump body and connections 

◎ NSK bearing 

◎ Motor whose insulation class is F

Model Instruction