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Model Instruction

Overview Of The Product

AV/AVT series product is a kind of new-generation high-efficiency non-self-priming vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump newly self-developed by reference to European standards.By adopting brand-new industrial design,the energy efficiency index MEl of the product reaches 0.7 and above;the product adopts a good hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing process,flow passage components of the pump body are formed by stamping and welding of high-quality 304 stainless steel,and the shaft seal adopts hard alloy and fluororubber mechanical seal.The product can deliver a variety of media from tap water to industrial liquid,and is applicable to different ranges of temperature,flow,and pressure;the whole machine is compact in structure,low in noise,and small in volume,with significant energy-saving effects.

Applications Fields

◎ Pressurized water supply:Water delivery for filtration in water plants,pressurization of main pipe networks,water supply for high-rise buildings,and fire water supply

◎ Water treatment system:Ultrafiltration system,reverse osmosis system,distillation system,separator,and swimming pool water treatment system

◎ Industrial pressurization:High-pressure washing system,cleaning system,and process water system

◎ Delivery of industrial liquids:Cooling and air conditioning system,boiler water supply and condensing system,and lathe supporting system

◎ Irrigation:Farmland irrigation,spray irrigation,and trickle irrigation

Service Conditions

◎ Thin and clean liquid not containing solid particles of fiber

◎ The product can be applied to deliver the slightly corrosive medium

◎ Medium temperature:Normal temperature type:0°C~+68℃,hot water type:0C~+120℃

◎ Ambient temperature:-15℃~+40℃

◎ Maximum ambient pressure:1.0MPa

◎ When the density or viscosity of the delivered medium is greater than that of water,contact company personnel for selectio

Selection of Motor

Fully-enclosed IE3 air-cooled standard motor NSK or SKF bearing

◎ Protection class:IP55

◎ Insulation class:F

◎ Working mode:S1

◎ Voltage level:220V/50Hz,380V/50Hz


Model Instruction

Overview Of The Product

AL(T) series stainless steel muli-stage centrifugal pump(afterwards called pump)boasts characters of high efficiency,low noise, steady operation, etc. The pump set adopts the non-self-priming vertical multi-stage structure, which makes a compact whole,its installation e asy, its operation and maintenance convenient.

Application Limits

◎Medium temperature: normal type:0"℃+68℃ hot water type:+68℃~120℃,

◎Ambient temperature:+40℃,

◎Advisable to use motor of higher power in case that the density orviscosity of medium is above that of water.

◎pH:5 to 9