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Model Instruction

Product Overview

Made by adopting such advanced technologies as stamping,bulging and welding of stainlesssteel plates,YH stainless steel horizontal single stage centrifugal pump is a new generation of domestically initiative centrifugal pump,which can replace traditional Is pumps and general corrosion-resistance pumps.It has such features as good-looking appearance,lightweight structure,high efficiency and energy saving,robustness,resistance to light corrosion,and low noise.

Operating Conditions

■ The use of YH pump is restricted by the following conditions:

1.Clean,thin,and non-flammable &non-explosive liquid that does not contain solid particles and fibers

2.Liquid at the temperature between-20°C and +100°C

3.Maximum ambient temperature:+40°C

4.Maximum altitude:1000m

5.Maximum system pressure :1.0MPa

Structural Features


YH stainless steel horizontal single stage centrifugal pump is a multi-functional product with a wide range of applications,which can convey various media including water or industrial liquids,applicable to different ranges of temperature,flow and pressure.Its typical applications mainly include the following:

◎ Water supply:Filtering,transmission,sectionalized water supply,and manifold pressurization;

◎ Industrial pressurization:Process water system and cleaning system;

◎ Industrial liquid conveying:Boiler water supply,condensing system,cooling and air conditioningsystem,machine matching,and weak acid and alkali conveying;

◎ Water treatment:Distillation system or separator,and swimming pool,etc.;

◎ Farm irrigation,and medicine and health,etc.