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Model Instruction

performance range

◎ Max lift:153 m;

◎ Max flow:6m³/h;


◎ The temperature of the medium does not exceed +60°C;

◎ The ambient temperature does not exceed+40°C;

◎ The PH value of the medium is between 6.5 and 8.5,the volume ratio of solid impurities in the medium iss 0.1%,and the particle size is≤0.2mm.

◎ The maximum working pressure is 15 bar;

◎ The highest altitude is 1000m;


The product has the characteristics of high cost-effective,high pressure and low noise,etc.PV(D)are widely used in many fields,such as water supply system and water filtration and boost systemn for pipeling,washing and cleaning, boiler feed water,cooling water circulation,water treatment,ultra-filtration,reveser osmosis systems,water fertilizer integrated machine ,etc.


◎ pump seat /coupling /back cover /inlet pipe:cast iron;

◎ Axis:304+45 friction welding

◎ Impeller /guide vane:PPO+GF30

◎ Case:YL102

◎ Pump barrel:304

◎ Junction box:ABS

◎ Mechanical seal:silicon carbide /graphite /nitrile rubber

◎ Bearing:6305-2RS/human,6204-2RS /human,contact sealed

◎ Motor:2-pole asynchronous motor,copper coil,fan cooling,continuous operation

◎ Protection class:IP55

◎ Insulation class:F