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Model Instruction

Overview Of The Product

AHIE series fully integrated intelligent variable frequency pump integrates the water pump,frequency converter controller, and pressure tank,enhancing water supply equipment.It adopts the innovative PIS style with a brand-new appearance that is dynamic, smooth, cohesive, and distinctive.This pump is equipped with artificial intelligence and automatic adjustment capabilities,meeting the demand for constant pressure variable frequency water supply.It ensures that the pressure in the water supply network and the overall system remains in the optimal energy-saving state.

Application Limits

◎ Medium temperature:normal temperature type 0°C~68°C,hot water type 0℃~120°C

◎ pH:5~9

◎ Maximum operating pressure:1.0MPa

◎ Ambient temperature:-15°℃~40℃

Applications Fields

◎ Air conditioning system

◎ Filling machinery

◎ Environmental engineering

◎ Water supply and pressurization system

◎ Fertilization and metering system

◎ Cooling system

◎ Industrial cleaning

◎ Aquaculture

◎ Water treatment system application

◎ Supporting use of chiller


Optional Available On Request

◎ Protection class:IP55

◎ Insulation class:F

◎ Working method:S1

◎ Voltage level:220V/50Hz,240V/50Hz