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Application Limits

◎ Medium temperature: normal type:0℃~+68℃,hot water type:+68℃~+120℃

◎ Maximum ambient temperature:+40℃

◎ When pumping liquids with a density and/or viscosity higher than that of water,use motors with correspondingly higher outputs,if required

◎ pH:5 to 9

Performance Data


Model Instruction

Overview Of The Product

AL(T) series stainless steel muli-stage centrifugal pump(afterwards called pump)boasts characters of high efficiency,low noise, steady operation, etc. The pump set adopts the non-self-priming vertical multi-stage structure, which makes a compact whole,its installation e asy, its operation and maintenance convenient.

Application Limits

◎Medium temperature: normal type:0"℃+68℃ hot water type:+68℃~120℃,

◎Ambient temperature:+40℃,

◎Advisable to use motor of higher power in case that the density orviscosity of medium is above that of water.

◎pH:5 to 9